Pilot Projects

The EdDem Network funds pilot proposals that will advance science in the education—dementia relationship in 1 of 3 critical areas:

Critical Area 1:

Early life factors and the education—dementia relationship

Critical Area 2:

Mid-life socioeconomic, social, and psychological mediators of education and dementia

Critical Area 3:

Biological mechanisms linking education to dementia


Applications can span more than 1 critical area, but are required to examine how race, ethnicity, gender, and/or geography shape the proposed relationships. We invite applications from new, emerging, and established dementia researchers. We also encourage interdisciplinary projects that include a dementia clinician and social scientist MPI team. Thanks to a new NIA-funded administrative supplement, we will be able to fund 4 pilot projects in Years 3 to 5 of our Network up to $40,000 (direct + indirect costs).


The call for Year 3 Pilot Proposal applications is now closed.

Year 2 Pilot Projects

PI: Qiuchang Cao, Florida State University
“Education, Work Complexity, and Cognitive Decline in Later Life by Race/Ethnicity”

PI: Nicole Hair, University of South Carolina
“Childhood Health and Later-Life Cognitive Functioning: Evaluating the Mediating Role of Education”

PI: Mateo Farina, University of Texas, Austin
“Biosocial Mechanisms that Link Early Life Socioeconomic Conditions, Early Life Health, and Educational Attainment to Later Life Cognitive Aging”

MPIs: Vikesh Amin, Central Michigan University; Hans-Peter Kohler, University of Pennsylvania; Shana Stites, University of Pennsylvania
“Schooling, Cognition, and Global Dementia Risk: A Pilot Study”

Year 1 Pilot Projects

PI: Catherine Garcia, Syracuse University
“Intersectional and Biosocial Approaches to Understanding Cognitive Function among Older Latinos”

PI: Sara Moorman, Boston College
“High School STEM and Language Courses and Cognitive Advantage in Later Life”